Writing Project – Work in Progress – Post #2

If you missed the first post, find it here: Weekend Writing Project – Work in Progress

Back at the station, Maya sat on a bench with her hands in her lap waiting for the officer to finish shuffling through his papers and return over to her. Her mind was still reeling from the news of her father’s abrupt death and how he could have possibly died. Lost in thought, she noticed black shoes in front of her and slowly lifted her gaze. The office had returned and was speaking to her but she couldn’t hear him. Shaking her head to clear the noise, she finally made out what he was saying.

“Ms. Brennar, if you’ll please follow me, I am going to escort you down to the investigator’s office where they can bring you up to speed on the details of your father’s death.” He waited for her to acknowledge what he had said before turning around and heading towards a hallway.

Maya quickly stood with her purse on her shoulder and followed the officer.

After several turns he stopped in front of an office with the name plate:

Special Investigator:

D. Timmins

      As she entered the room, the officer quietly closed the door behind her and disappeared back to his normal duties. Maya stared at the closed door for a moment before she heard a voice she would have recognized anywhere.

“Maya, I am so sorry to hear about your father. When the case was handed over to me, I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle this, but even under the circumstances it’s great to see you.”

Blinking her eyes several times before really processing who was in front of her, she let out a thundering sob and fell into Special Investigator Donald Timmins’ arms. They had been childhood friends, growing up in the same neighborhood and had stayed close all the way through high school. So many happy years they spent together, doing school projects side-by-side, attending dances as something a little more than friends, but also never officially dating even though they both wanted to. But the young life always kept them from committing to one another. Then when they graduated high school Don took off to enter the police academy and Maya went to college to pursue her accounting finance degree. Over the years they had stayed in contact periodically and met for the casual coffee or lunch, but never quite letting each other back into the picture.

Now they were being thrust into each other’s lives again over a tragic situation. Rubbing his hands up and down her back, trying to get her sobs under control, Don motioned Maya over to a chair in front of his desk and asked her to sit. “Maya, I’m sorry that we’re having to get together under these circumstances, but there are some really important things about your father’s death that we need to discuss.”

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