Friday Feels – Reading Updates

I hope you’re all as excited for Friday as I am – this has been a very long and trying week for me. Not going into details as a lot of it is very personal, but I’m looking forward to a lovely weekend. My oldest son starts returning to his swim lessons tomorrow and we’ll be out and about a bunch this weekend.

As I’ve mentioned this week has been busy, so I did not get nearly as much reading done as I had hoped for, but I did read another fifty pages or so of The Girls at 17 Swann Street. It continues to grab hold of me in a personal way – even though I’ve never struggled with an eating disorder – I do come out of a long and dark history with self image issues. Therefore, while I’m reading this book and hearing about the painful self-image these young woman have of themselves, I relate on a very intimate level with that.

After getting this far into this book, I think I may be able to finish it up this weekend, but we’ll see. To go along with it though, I do plan on starting to force myself to schedule in some self-care things that are just for me. Like a mani/pedi or a small shopping trip. Not sure yet, but I think it’s important to do some things that are just for me. I have a husband and three young kids so much of my time is spent doing things for others and I worry that this routine and behavior makes me lose sight of myself and caring for myself.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little rant of mine and that you have a wonderful holiday weekend (at least for those here in the US)!

Happy Reading!

❤ Ashley


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