Review of Sick Kids in Love by Hannah Moskowitz

I don’t know how well words can describe this book for me. Not only was it sweet and romantic, in that ‘let’s just chill on the couch and be together’ kind of way, but it warmed my heart because it was real. While I’m a huge lover of romance books, many of them can be out-of-this-world unrealistic and utterly predictable. But sometimes that’s why I like them. Anyways, as I was saying…

Ibby and Sasha are different. They’re… real. Adorable. Different. Quirky. Teenagers.

Isabel suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and Sasha suffers from Gaucher disease. They are 16 years old and meet during a drip infusion at the hospital. Neither of them have ever really met someone they were attracted to that ALSO completely understood how exhausting life is with chronic illness. How their perfect date might be taking a nap, or a hot bath to relieve joint pain, or just cooking at home and watching a movie.

Isabel is usually trying to hide her joint pain suffering and be “normal” with her healthy friends. Her best friend doesn’t even really understand what makes Isabel so different, because she never talks about it. Sasha is used to people treating him differently; he usually looks kind of sick but his life is spent between school, hospitals and at home sleeping because his body is always so tired. So when they meet each other and realize that instead of trying to be normal healthy people, they can just lay around home together and watch movies and take naps, it seems like the most perfect thing ever!

Except… Ibby has some issues. She’s hiding her own secrets and she’s afraid of who she might be to Sasha. Will she hurt him? Will she follow the same patterns and mistakes that have been repeated in her family?

Enjoy this sweet, sometimes sad, but all around feel good story about two young people just enjoying being in love and finding someone that “gets” them. I can’t rave enough about this story and I hope you will love it as well!

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