Book Review: The Edge of Reason by J. Saman


This was one of those intense, cry-into-my-pillow, leap for joy, hide behind things while I waited for the story to unfold. There are so many dynamics in this story that cling to your heart strings and don’t want to let go.

Now I’ve read a lot of romance novels that can be way over the top when it comes to emotional depth, to the point where I want to gag myself. But this one had just the right amount of intensity, realism and romance to keep me so heavily enthralled that I finished it within only a few days and this is no short read.

The Edge of Reason is a friend’s to lover trope and after reading this particular story, it has solidified for me that the friends to lover trope is actually my favorite. You get to see the inner workings of the light and airy friendship between Drew and Margot which transforms into the confusion and painful realization when they discover their feelings for one another.

I couldn’t speak any higher of this book and will recommend this one to anyone looking for a fantastic friends to lovers romance. Thank you for the wonderful read!

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