Just a Little Fairy Dust on this #WonderfulWednesday

Happy Wednesday Readers!

Here we are on a Wednesday, also endearingly known as hump day. But I am trying very hard to focus more on positives lately so I am going with #WonderfulWednesday.

On Monday, I finally started reading An Enchantment of Ravens. Now mind you, this book has been sitting on my shelves for… um… AT LEAST 6 months. Possibly longer than that. I remember exactly when I got it. I was late night grocery shopping at Fry’s after a long day of work and needed to get home for dinner and an evening with the family.

I have a terrible obsession with always having to walk past the book set that is in every grocery store and peruse around through the discount or clearance books. This book was sitting all by itself on a shelf with some big ugly yellow sticker on it that said 25% off. I believe I ended up paying around $7 or $8 for this book.

My point being that it grabbed my attention because it was on sale, but only after reading the back cover synopsis was I convinced the sale price was worth it. So I took it home, placed it on a shelf and there it say. For several months.

However! I finally started reading it and in the first day I think I covered well over 100 pages of a 300-page book. Took a short break the second day and here I am on day 3 and I have less than a hundred to go.

As my readers know, I am not much of a YA reader. Not to say that I am not a fan of YA – because I most certainly am – I have just really struggled to get into the genre and own very little of them. BUT I will admit that this particular book has re-sparked something for me that I thought was gone. An excitement over fantasy and adventure and all things YA – including those cute and adorable teen feelings that live somewhere deep down inside of me.

While I find the story seems to be missing an integral piece that ties all the wonder together that is a magical land of fairies, humans and deep magic – I think the author’s vivid descriptive voice and likewise over-excplanatory descriptions of characters – provides a strong enough visual for the reader that the story smoothly plows along with any real interruptions.

Hoping to finish this in the next day or so, work permitting, and I cannot wait to write up my full review of this one.

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~*~ What was a book you read recently that depended heavily on descriptions to carry the story forward? Did this help or hurt your ability to relate with the story? ~*~

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