Spotlight on Fictional Boutique – All Bookish Things

I wanted to take a moment and share with you one of my favorite Etsy shops! Today is #ThankfulThursday and I am sharing my appreciation for them today.

Fictional Boutique is run and operated by Naja out of Slovenia. She has an amazing presence on Instagram, which is where I first came to know her. Her product offerings are wide and gorgeous.

I must mention that I love her stuff so much, that I am currently a product ambassador for her which just means that I share my love for her shop anywhere and everywhere! If you want to save a little extra, you can use my ambassador code [LIT10] to save 10% on your total purchase. 

Now onto what you can find in her shop!

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T-Shirts: $20+ 

She has a variety of colors to choose from and various sayings on the shirts (all related to reading). Who doesn’t want a bookish T-shirt that you can wear around the house or out with your book club?!


Candles: $8+ 

Any one that has taken a visual tour of #bookstagram on Instagram, knows that bookish candles are super popular and also really fun to support your favorite books with. Naja makes some beautiful candles and the smells are to die for!


Bookmarks: $3+ 

I don’t know about you, but I can always use more bookmarks – although I will use just about anything around me to mark my spot, bookmarks with a little grace to them always make me more careful about what I am doing. Plus there are some out there with amazing quotes!


Fortune Jars: $13+ 

Get your hands on one of these! Includes mini origami stars in the jar – each one with an uplifting message to remind you to be positive and to help you through a rough time. A very unique and wonderful gift for any of your bookish friends or get one for yourself! Comes in multiple colors, too!


Booksleeves: $12+ 

About a year ago I started to appreciate what book sleeves have to offer. Not only are they stylish and adorable, but they keep your book safe when you take them with you. I take books back and forth from home to work with me all the time and these helps to keep my page edges from being damaged and also provides some privacy. No snoopers seeing what you’r reading, if that’s important to you!


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