#MindfulMonday – This Journal Has Changed My Self-Care View

Happy Monday my favorite readers! Time to start our week off right with some #MindfulMonday!

In my own personal self journey, I’m going to start sharing some of the self care things I’m incorporating into my life in hopes to maybe help others that might struggle with similar issues. This can range from exercise habits I’ve incorporated, dietary changes I’ve made and most importantly books I’m reading or books I’m DOING that are helping to clean up the way I think about myself.

We as humans all struggle with our own self-image. Society makes it difficult for us to have a healthy perspective on what is “normal” and I know I find myself judging my own appearance or habits by what I see others being praised for. But what we have to remember, is we are all beautifully different and there is no right or wrong in it. Finding ways to be happier with ourselves is the key to it all.

A few weeks backs I received this self-guided journal “I am the hero of my own life” by Brianna Wiest from Thought Catalog publishing company. I’m starting to work my way through it and it’s definitely helping me take a closer look at how I view myself and how I think others view me.



I have struggled most of my life with image issues and have been on a personal journey for the last several years to improve how I view myself through changing my diet (Keto), incorporating more regular fitness into my life and journaling – whether its journal entries, BuJo or self-guided reflective journals like this one. Next week, I’ll make it a point to share some of those activities in more detail.


Question for my readers: What are some activities you have or have wanted to incorporate into your own life to improve things that might be a struggle for you?

In addition to things above, reading and this community have also been a huge inspiration for me and finding some peace. So thank you all!

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