Book Review: Stolen Soulmate and Forbidden Fate by Mary C. Gebhard

5/5 Stars

This is a trilogy, but the final installment will not be out until October of this year so I am combining the first two books into one review. Keep in mind this is an explicitly sexual romance series and the author Mary C. Gebhard is ruthless with your heart and your mind in her writing. She takes everyone hostage!

Stolen Soulmate Review

What a mind job this story is!
Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I have to say that after reading this book, I’ve since gone and read FOUR novels by Gebhard because her writing sucks me in that bad.

Ok, so in Stolen Soulmate we have the blossoming romance / intense heart wrenching experience that is Story and Gray. Grayson Crown (Gray) is the richest play boy known and his family is the most arrogant, power hungry bunch you’ll find. Story is a maid at their estate. A chance encounter brings them locking lips in an off-set room, but Gray was actually looking for his sweet heart, Lottie.

But the sparks in that kiss can’t be denied and they’ll tear each other apart trying not to admit how they feel about each other. Filled with many BDSM elements and a story line that will have you wanting to rip out your heart, but hanging on every page because you can’t get enough and you need to know what happens. I thought I was going to hyper-ventilate with every page I turned. I was turned on by every sexual encounter, I had my heart ripped out with every conversation they had and I wanted to cry over their inability to be together.

I highly recommend this book for romance fans everywhere, but I also recommend that you have Forbidden Fate ready to go after this one. The third and final installment won’t be out until late 2020, so be ready to wait for a conclusion.

Forbidden Fate Review

Forbidden Fate picks up right where Stolen Soulmate leaves off and continues to terrorize your heart and your emotions through out the entire story.

In this book Grayson had to marry the family choice of Lottie for his wife. We follow as Grayson and Story continue to struggle to stay apart, even if they’ve both made promises they can’t seem to keep.

Their broken hearts and dangerous passion for one another cannot keep them apart though, and we watch as everyone’s heart is shattered into pieces as the story continues to unfold. I don’t want to give too much away because then it will ruin your experience if you’re starting from the beginning.

These books are a must read for any romance fan that enjoys all the emotional heartbreak and lust filled reading. Gebhard’s fans are patiently waiting for the conclusion of this train wreck so we can all sleep better at night and stop wondering what exactly happens to this love-doomed couple.

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