Romance Book Recommendations

Are you looking for any new romance recommendations?

Well today I have a few for you!
These are some of my favorites and by some of my favorite authors as well!

Angsty, Heart-Terrorizing Romance

Stolen Soulmate and Forbidden Fate by Mary C. Gebhard

These are part of the Crowne Point series and are books #2 and #3. The first book in the series, Heartless Hero, can be read as a stand alone but works much better when read with the entire series. The conclusion comes out next month and a bunch of us are doing a re-read of this series right now. Let me know if you want in!

See the full review for these here!

Age Gap and Taboo Romance

Color Me Pretty by B. Celeste

This book is an age gap romance that features a dad’s best friend romance between Della and Theo. This book was an amazing read and if you’re into reading taboo romance or age gap, you’re going to love this one!

See the full review for Color Me Pretty here!

Into the Clear Water by B. Celeste

This is another one of Barbara’s books that I adore. It’s a slower read but has so much going on in this story that you’ll have a hard time putting it down. Secrets are revealed, hearts are broken and so much more!

Slow Burn Romance

Half Truths by Rachael Brownell

In terms of slow-burn read, this one had me hooked from the beginning. A big brother helping his little sister with a drug problem and he falls for the counselor at the rehab facility. But they both have secrets and those secrets might just break them.

See the full review for Half Truths here!

Rockstar Romance

Love to Hate Her / Hate to Love Him by J. Saman

I love me a steamy rockstar romance and Jasper has all the love to give. He always wanted his brother’s girlfriend but after she left them all and lived her own life, now that she’s back he’s not sure what to make of his feelings for her.

See the review for Love to Hate Her and Hate to Love Him

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