Book Review: Drive Me Crazy by Leaona Luxx

Drive Me Crazy by Leaona Luxx

Rating: 4 out of 5.


I was so excited to revisit the characters of Cherry Grove. It was in that little town that I first fell in love with Luxx’s characters and to be back in that world was a wonderful trip down memory lane.

Ridge and Harper are two people that never seem to get what they need – each other. In love when they were just kids and trying to be together but keeping themselves apart because they were worried what their friends and family would think of their relationship. This drove them apart in ways neither ever expected or wanted.

Suffering for many years apart, Harper in a violent marriage and Ridge hopping from one girl to the next, they find their way back to each other but both are so broken from their loss of one another that it’s hard to tell if they can mend the broken pieces and admit their undying love for one another.

A more emotional read than sexy romance, I found my heart hurting several times over Harper’s violent experiences with her husband and the pain her and Ridge experience as they try to mend their relationship. Bringing in characters I absolutely adored from Cherry Grove and growing in my appreciation for Luxx’s ability to write about family, loss and love – this is one I will read again when my heart needs reminding that love isn’t always easy.

It reminded me of so many things about my own life and a perspective I need to keep. Love triumphs, but never without being tested and run through the gambit. Ridge and Harper are a testament to this and I love them so much for it.

About The Author

Leaona (Lee-aw-na) Luxx — a wife, mother, and small business owner, found herself faced with a life altering decision. After losing her father, she had to close her business to be at home for her family. Needing to work, she turned her love of writing and family into a full time job. 

Leaona released her first novel, Cherry Grove, in June 2016. Her stories intertwine as all are stand-alone’s, but are  primarily about a family and their friends. Much like everyday life, these stories will draw you in and have you cheering them on — just like you would your own family and friends!

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