Book Review: Ecstasy by K.V. Rose

Ecstasy by K.V. Rose

Rating: 4 out of 5.


I originally found this book by chance when I joined a Facebook group a few weeks ago. I’ve been trying to branch out and get more involved in the reading community and I found that Facebook groups really provide that outlet for me. I get to find new books and make new friends.

This was one of the books that came highly recommended to me in a Dark Romance group…

…and what a beautiful train wreck this story was. It’s a very dark story of three college kids (Zara, Eli and Alex) who find their lives irrevocably tangled in lies, drugs and dangerous behaviors. Zara is the star female character and she’s dating Alex the popular football quarterback. Eli is Alex’s best friend, room mate and also attracted to Zara. The key factor in the tangled triangle is Zara has a drug addiction issue and the darkness inside of her comes out when it’s most unnecessary. This story follows the three of them as they tragically change each other’s lives forever.

Each character in this story is completely and wholly unique. Alex has this arrogant personality that bleeds through the story. He always wants to own everything and control people – always believes that he can be the stone that everyone needs to get through something. Eli is one twisted guy with a lot of dark secrets – but is written in such a way that you can’t help but be slightly attracted to him – if you’re into that sort of thing.

I think I want to keep you and I think I don’t ever want to let you go, Zara Rose.

Eli in Ecstasy, K.V. Rose

The possessiveness of both male characters over Zara is intriguing and continues to draw you into their train wreck drama as it unfolds. You won’t be disappointed with this one if you really enjoy a thrilling, dangerous, provocative romance plot – because it has it all!

I really enjoyed this story, the tragic-ness of their situations hit home for me on many levels bringing back a lot of my own past experiences and calling to my own inner demons. This is not a light read, nor is it recommended for anyone that has triggers related to rape, abuse, drug use and self mutilation. But if you enjoy dark, twisted romances then you’ll appreciate what K.V. Rose provides you in this one!

About The Author

KV is an author of dark romance. She’s a little depraved and hates writing about herself in third person and will stop immediately.
I enjoy copious amounts of coffee, long walks through cemeteries, and listening to music every waking hour. I believe in ghosts, being as weird as humanly possible, and getting possessed by my own characters.

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