Writing Excerpt

She stood in the hallway staring at the shadows as they danced through the open window contemplating the decisions she’s made. The darkness of night used to bring her comfort; a warm blanket of solace during a wintry day. But lately it only adds to the weight of her worries.

Had she done the right thing? Her heart ached for the love she walked away from. But it couldn’t be any other way, could it? They were two completely different people who walked separate paths. She needed to know she be on her own; find her own strength and he… well he needed a to move on.

Their interactions had been nothing but toxic – he brought out the poison that ran through her veins. Riding the high he gave her that would bring about her entire destruction.

Yes… it was better this way. Her decision to walk away, while it gnawed at her during the darkest part of the night, had been the right decision. Her body heated as she thought of him. How her body always responded even to just the thought of him.

She closed her eyes and walked back to her bed. Dreams were all she could have of him now; even the nightmares of his anger were better than succumbing to his torturous ways.

Sleep would take her back to where she needed to be, if only for a few hours.

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