Cover Reveal: Heart of the Sungem by Jessaca Willis

A prince trapped in the underrealm.
A girl who managed to escape.
A prophecy that’s bigger than both of them.

Release date: Sept 20th, 2020
Title/Series Title: Heart of the Sungem, Reapers of Veltuur Book 2
Pre-order link:


In a land where every murderer is condemned to the underrealm, one girl managed to escape.

Sinisa Strigidae made peace with the darkness that haunted her, and in so doing she freed herself from the crow that kept her bound to Veltuur.

Now, she sets out on an epic quest to help Prince Acari do the same.

Teaming up with an unlikely friend, Sinisa must traverse the Tayaraan realm in search of a key to the underrealm, battle the beast that blocks the gate, and reach Acari before it’s too late.

But with each task poses an even greater threat, and as she uncovers a long-forgotten prophecy that could shape not only her fate but the fate of the realms, Sinisa will be forced to choose between what she wants or the destiny carved out for her.

Heart of the Sungem is the second book in this dark, high fantasy, adventure series. Enter a world where the Reapers are the balance between life and death, where the Gods who once reigned over the mortal realm have suspiciously disappeared, and where one young girl finds that she is somehow tangled in all of it. If you loved The Nevernight ChroniclesDark MajiThrone of GlassReign of the FallenThe Shadows Between Us, or books by Jenna Moreci, Jay Kristoff, Kel Carpenter, Cassandra Clare, and Laura Thalassa, you will devour this grim saga.

About the Author

Jessaca Willis

JESSACA WILLIS is a fantasy writer, with an inclination toward the dark, the horrifying, and the paranormal.

She studied social work for both her undergrad and graduate degrees, and incorporates themes from her education (family dynamics, mental health, oppression) into her writing.

Jessaca is a self-proclaimed nerd who loves to cosplay at conventions, play video games or read comics in her downtime, and to binge-watch the latest fantasy and sci-fi television series. Along with a bunch of other self-proclaimed nerds, she lives in Portland, Oregon with her partner and their human- and fur-babies.

Her debut series, The Awakened is an apocalyptic fantasy series about four people from across the world, trying to learn to live with their powers after society has collapsed.

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