Review: Redhead on the Run

Redhead on the Run by award winning author Rebecca Royce is now LIVE!

  • Title: Redhead on the Run
  • Author: Rebecca Royce
  • Release Date: September 30
  • Genre:  Dark Contemporary Romance. Age Gap Romance. Romantic Suspense. 
  •  Cover Designer: Lucy Smoke at Smoking Hot Designs


From Award Winning Author Rebecca Royce comes a story of forbidden love…

Running away on my wedding day probably wasn’t the best idea. Horrified by the future I’d signed up for, I turned right around and rushed up the aisle away from my drug-addicted groom….and right into the arms of my father’s estranged business partner, Zeke Scott.

Zeke makes me a promise: he’ll help me become independent, the kind of woman I’ve always wanted to be, if I help him discover my father’s hidden secrets proving his betrayal.

But Zeke is a man with secrets of his own and although our love should be forbidden—he is sixteen years older with a lifetime of experience—I can’t resist the pull between us. The longer our explosive arrangement goes on–the less I want to.

He’s another man in my life who wants something from me but at least he’s honest about it and his kisses come with promises of freedom from the gilded bars I’ve spent a lifetime behind. But when the time comes to leave…can I walk away at all?

*This book has a happily ever after, with a complete love story. The reader should be aware this is a dark age gap contemporary romance with a possessive hero and a heroine who needs to find her way to know herself. They have a lot to go through to find their forever love. This is the first in a series where every book is a different couple and each book has a happy ending.

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Adventures in Literature Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

At first, I wasn’t entirely sure I enjoyed Layla’s character. She seemed young and naive and all around struggling with understanding life. But as this story continues to develop, you learn that there is an ocean of depth in her soul and her mind, she’s just been held back by nearly everyone in her family from being who she wants to be. Which is a huge down fall in many of these portrayed, and real, wealth families. Layla is 22 years old and has spent her entire life pretending to be a character, a classified ‘REDHEAD”, because of her family traits.

It isn’t until she has an awakening moment on her wedding day and realizes how incorrectly matched she is with the man her family is making her marry. Not to mention her father is expecting a huge payout after this marriage is sealed. However, during this process she really starts to see that she doesn’t want to keep living her life for other people. She wants to make her own decisions.

After running away from her marriage, her father disowns her and she’s taken in by her father’s business partner, and long time crush of Layla’s – Zeke. The sexy and much older man she’s been crushing on since she was a teenager. While the sexual tension was enjoyable in this story and the heat between Layla and Zeke is palpable and nerve wracking, the parts I really enjoyed the most was Layla’s own inner dialogue.

Having the opportunity to witness her transformation first hand as the reader was my favorite part. She started learning things about herself – what she really liked and didn’t like – how she has not been living her best life even though this is what she supposedly teaches all of her amazing followers. This transformation of her breaking away from the mental and psychological abuses of her family and really living her life, was inspiring and motivating in a way that many romance books have not been to me. Royce really ties in realities of life to this story and I can’t wait to read more in the Redhead series about this family.

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