New Release and Review: Tofu Cowboy by Lola West

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Tofu Cowboy just released today!

This little novella was too cute to put down! Maddie is a lovely character that demonstrates an incredible amount of strength as she comes from a complicated background that made it hard for her to love herself as she grew up. But she’s dealt with feeling unloved and eating disorders, and still makes it a point to do things to help herself grow, without needing someone to push her in that direction.

I find in many romance novels, the heroine only reaches their points of enlightenment when their Alpha male pushes them in that direction. While I love that concept because it demonstrates a kindred spirit element, I also love it when heroine’s are strong all on their own. Maddie is the epitome of this. Not to say she doesn’t have her own demons or issues, but she’s a strong and capable woman.

This compares perfectly well with Luke, too. He’s an Alpha male character who claims his woman, Maddie, yet he’s able to be playful and cute and not domineering in a way that motivates through fear. These again are common concepts across much of the popular romance genres.

Luke and Maddie meet under comparable circumstances where they are both doing something that puts themselves out there and are nervous within their own situations, but when they meet – all those proverbial lights and stars happen – then they kind of go full swing into dating shortly after.

I’m not going to say much else because I think it’ll give away much of the juicier parts of this story, but I can confidently tell you that you’ll love the beefy vegetarian cowboy Luke, and you’ll admire the inner strength of blue-haired Maddie. They’re both just trying to find their place in life and being able to do that together is a treat all in its own!

About the Author

Lola West

Lola West is the queen of sweet, smart, silly, sexy romance! She has a PhD in woman’s studies and a flair for the dramatic. She likes cotton candy, astronomy, kitten heels
and small town hunks.

Lola is a pen name.

The minds behind Lola are just like you – everyday people living regular lives, happy to day dream about sexy men and the sassy women they love.


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