How Do You Plan Out Your Day?

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Do you or have you ever used a planner?

I have been a life long planner lover – sometimes I get them just because they’re so pretty and other times it’s the layout inside that really grabs my attention. Regardless, I have started getting more involved in my planning adventures over the years. Being a wife and mother, as well as working full-time AND having my own side hobbies, I find that I have such a full schedule and it can be difficult to stay focused on what I need to be.

Life can throw so many things in our faces that we easily lose focus on the important things that matter. So I’ve made it a personal challenge to keep myself organized in a way that works for me. No two people can be organized in the exact same way, but what’s important is:

Find a system that works for YOU!

I know planners are not for everyone, because some of us like to keep track of things online – which I also do for certain things – but I do use each and every one of my planners a little differently. For example I have one that’s just for my reading goals, tracking tours and new releases or my book hauls for the month. Then I have one that’s for my home planning like homework for the kids and projects we’re working on or important family dates to remember. I also use one just for drawing and doodling and another for tracking financial expenses.

I tried using a one-for-all in the past but it just doesn’t gel well for me because then I’m thinking about too many things at one time. Having different planners for different parts of my life helps me hone in on what’s most important at the time I’m updating or making notes.

Planners gonna plan.

This month I added in one more that’s from Silk + Sonder and is more of a personal wellness planner. It’s become my starting point in the day where I sit and look at the ways in which I am caring for myself with habit trackers and personal goal planning. This gets me in the right frame of mind to start dissecting the rest of my day with a clear head. I’m interested to see how it works for me over the next few months and whether I continue to keep it as a permanent fixture in my planner sets.

For those that are looking for ways to organize their daily lives in our ever changing world, I encourage you to start with something small – a basic planner where you can at least make some task lists of the things you want to accomplish each day and then work from there. Take some time to really understand the ways in which you want to track things and what you want to make notes about.

The Ways I Plan My Day

  • Personal Wellness Planner
    • This is where I take a look at how I’m caring for myself with my own daily habits and goals for the week
  • Reading Planner
    • Look through my reading plans for the week which includes book reviews I have due, photo shoots I need to do for my blog and social media or anything else related to my love of reading
  • Family Planner
    • Review the lesson plans I have for the day and the week for my kids; what project we have planned to work on and progress they’re making in school (grading papers, etc)
  • Additional Planners
    • If I need to I pull out my small notebook where I keep track of bills that are due and other financials or I get my doodling notebook out and draw for a little bit. I also have a weekly journal that I write in on Sunday’s recapping how the week went and the things I want to improve on or things I struggled with.

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