Moments Like This by Anna Gomez and Kristoffer Polaha

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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An ARC copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are my own.

Moments Like This by Anna Gomez and Kristoffer Polaha is a book about decisions and thinking about what you want in life. Andie is the MC and she has spent her adult life working her butt off to be the best woman in her position at a big company. But when she’s passed up for a promotion, her inattentiveness to her health has quickly caught up with her and she needs to take some time off.

She ends up going to Hawaii to run her best friend’s coffee shop while she’s taking a trip of her own with her fiance. While never an easy decision, Andie starts to realize that there is SO much more to life than excelling at a career where she was putting her own health at risk. Moments Like This remind us to evaluate what’s important and take those opportunities when they’re there.

Really think about what you want your life to be made of...

I really enjoyed this slower paced work as it left me without a heavy emotional burden in the story itself and provided time to think about these deeper concepts. Since reading this one, I’ve started looking into wellness planners that help me organize my thoughts on the things about my health and happiness that I want to prioritize so that I can be the best woman, wife and mother I can be. These are the things that matter to me and I want to ensure I am putting my best foot forward.

I’m so thankful this book ended up in my life because the story of Andie really propelled my own think and analysis on my life. Check out Moments Like This and forge your own path!

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