Beautiful Monster by Sara Cate

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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I absolutely love age gap books and this one caught my attention a while back and I only recently read it and OH MAN it’s a HOT read! It doesn’t waste any time getting into the good stuff and you’ll be reaching for the next page before your eyes can even finish the one you’re on.

Sunny is 19 years old and living with her older sister and broken mother. After divorce rocked their life, the mom turned into a violent alcoholic and the older sister, along with Sunny, live a pretty unsatisfying existence partying and drinking all the time with dear old mom. Until their new neighbor across the back yard is the hottest and most eligible rich bachelor around.

The mom immediately wants the older sister to get an in with him and improve their lives, but he only has eyes for Sunny. Much to everyone’s disappoint – he’s TWICE her age. But their relationship blossoms into something so much more powerful than age and attraction. A story of two souls that are destined for one another and have a deep connection through their own experiences before they even met one another.

This read will take you through the pages of domestic violence between a mother and daughter, the tingling of new love, the overwhelming steam of attraction that both Sunny and Alexander are terrified to explore – and bring you into the deep folds of a unique and beautiful relationship that is a story you won’t want to miss.

I crush her lips to mine, like today is the first day of my life. There is nothing before now, and every moment from here until the end of my life will belong to her.

Beautiful Monster – Sara Cate

I loved these characters deeply for their emotional turmoil and how much they both tried to keep from falling for the other. The fear of being judged for their abnormal relationship and eventually finding the peace they both desperately needed within themselves. This is a love story that will live on in my heart for a very long time with characters and quotes that are hard to let go of.

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Playboy. Socialite. Frivolous and Wicked.
Alexander Caldwell needs to settle down.
Hence the giant white house he just bought in the suburbs.
The one that backs up to the house filled with three single women living in it.
They all have their sights set on him…but it’s her he can’t get out of his head.

Alexander has absolutely no place getting involved with a teenage girl with the world in her eyes.
But he does.

Tortured. Lonely. Desperate to run.
Sunny Thorn needs to get out of her mother’s house.
To do that, she needs money.
Hence taking the job painting a mural in Alexander Caldwell’s pool house.
The man whose eyes follow her. The man with the sculpted jaw and commanding presence. The man who is way too old for her.

When Sunny has the chance to get out of Pineridge and start a future of her own, he should let her go.
But he doesn’t.

Beautiful Monster is a standalone age-gap forbidden romance from the author of the Wicked Hearts series.

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