Bibliophiles and Booksleeves

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Have you ever used a book sleeve? They are one of my favorite bookish inventions because you can have so many different designs and they keep your books safe when you’re taking them out to the park, the cafe, or wherever.

I use mine at home to organize my readings things. What I mean by this is I will put my current read in the sleeve along with my highlighter and note flags and other items so that when I’m reading, I can easily have all the things I need right there with me to take notes, highlight some of my favorite quotes – or whatever you want to do!

My favorite book sleeves are the ones I get from The Guide to Romance Novels!

Her sleeves, bookmarks and sticker goodies are all gorgeous! I have at least a dozen of her sleeves and each one gets used for various books on my TBR or my current reads. Check out her Etsy shop and use my 15% discount code to get yourself all the goods today!


Using the link below will automatically apply this coupon code!

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