Unleashing Fire by Julie Hall

An ARC copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are my own.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

It’s finally here! I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for the conclusion to this story and the first few chapters start off with a magnificent BANG and right into wartime. Like I couldn’t have asked for a more epic start to this finale, especially with how everything has progressed in the first two books. 

When Thorne comes striding through the smoke in London and Nova and Ash get their first look at him, I can just imagine what an amazing movie scene that would make!

The main character Emberly is a half angel / half human that was found out on the streets as a homeless teenager by others of her kind and taken into their world so she could learn her skills and understand who she is. But she learns so much more than that and takes on an entirely different life than what she ever expected for herself. There is so much danger, treachery and it becomes hard to know who to trust.

Steel is the only one she can fully trust and that’s because these two are soul bonded and nothing will stand in their way of being together. When either one of them gets hurt in battle, the other turns ferocious – like primal – and it’s about as intense as you can imagine for 17-18 year olds with these magnificent powers of shape shifting, flying and not to mention their super human strength.

Unleashing Fire is the culmination of the series and I have to say that every book in this series is equally amazing. Some series I read lag a lot and struggle through in the middle, but not this one. It just rolls through all the punches and intensity like no other. I love it SO much!

If you haven’t been reading this series and you LOVE YA Fantasy then you have to get into it now as this is the final book in the series and it’s just amazing. I want to gush all over this series and tell you how perfect it is, but you have to read it yourself! 

The characters have developed so well through these books and everything comes to a major assault here at the end with angels and demon-like Forsaken in an all out world war that brings full-blooded angels into the battle and it’s just SO AMAZING! 

Congratulations to Julie Hall for another AMAZING book (and series) in her arsenal and letting me be on her ARC team!

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The world will ignite and so will I.

The Forsaken hunger for vengeance, leaving Steel and me with no choice but to follow Camiel to the only place strong enough to protect me—Eden, an ancient, hidden city darkened by my family’s secrets.

But Eden isn’t the safe haven I expected, and family runs deeper than blood.

As Thorne grows stronger by the day, his Fallen forces threaten to raze London—and then the world—to cinders. In order to stop him, the entire angelic community has to unite, but ancient feuds and millennia of prejudice put everything at risk.

My heart knows where I belong—fighting beside my loved ones—but I have a secret that could doom them all. There’s a dark power growing inside me, hellish and spiraling beyond my control.

The realms have merged. The darkness calls to me. And there’s only one thing standing in my way . . . Steel.

Fans of Jennifer L. Armentrout and Cassandra Clare will love this Crescent City meets Crave mash up!

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