Royally Revamped by Fritzi Cox

An ARC copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are my own.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Royally Revamped brought along the much needed conclusion to the story of Princess Penelope and her vampire boyfriend, Vail. I loved this series so much being able to learn about the magical places in Morningwood and the Bostwick Brothers Winery where a lot of the fun takes place. But in this third installment we walk into the new world Penelope has found herself within where the last book left off – a newly bitten vampire princess!

Let’s just say that there is a whole lot of expected humor that I absolutely adore in this series. We have all the magical creatures we knew from the other two books and even a few more additions in characters. We learn A LOT more about Finn and what he’s hiding in his laboratory (shhh!). As well as the HEA for Penelope and Vail that they totally deserve. 

If you enjoy Rom Com and also like a little paranormal twist to your story, you’ll love this series! But I recommend starting with Royally Cursed then Royally Drained and finishing with Royally Revamped. They’re all novellas and read SUPER fast – so you can get through the entire series pretty quick. 

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After a deadly bite from Morningwood’s sexiest vampire, it’s official—my bad decisions royally suck.

I thought living the dead life would finally land Vail and me on our path to a well-deserved happily ever after. But after countless sleepless nights, an insatiable appetite, and a growing list of enemies, I’m beginning to wonder if my set of bangin’ new fangs was a mistake.

With my powerful skill set, Vail and I plan to conquer our enemies and save our worthy cause. But after a teeny-tiny taste of vampire bloodlust, I can’t even save myself.

My fragile self-control hangs in a dangerous balance between naive, innocent princess and vicious, evil queen.

Who knew that when my heart stopped, I would become so … heartless?

I don’t want to spend my time hunting villains and wreaking a royal havoc. But the never-ending battle for my royal blood leaves me with no choice. If I want a future at Bostwick, I have to put on my big-girl crown and embrace my newfangledrole, stopping my enemies once and for all.

I don’t need princess charms or rainbows and butterflies when I can easily crush the world under my wicked glass slippers.

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