Tips: Increase Your Book Reviews

Reviews are the ๐Œ๐Ž๐’๐“ important part of being successful. We all know the dream of wanting to see that yellow banner on Amazon or receiving your very first “USA Today Bestseller” tag.

But to get there, it’s essential to have lots of reviews coming in for your books. Here are some of the ๐“๐Ž๐ resources for getting your books in front of as many people as you can.

Keep in mind, these are not the only ways to reach people, but are some amazing resources to help you increase your reach. Being active on social media and connecting directly with your intended audience is by far the most effective way, but these are some little stepping stones to help you build relationships with other authors and reach more people!


Organize and join in on Newsletter Swaps or marketing events. Set up an account and get ready to join in on newsletter swap events by selecting the ones that align best with your genre and ultimately your audience.

Main Features:

  • Build and Send ARC Campaigns
  • Customized Landing Pages
  • Organize 1:1 Author Swaps
  • Short Audio & Audiobook Delivery
  • Find Readers With Group Promos
  • Build Your Email List and Limit Downloads
  • Direct Email Integration
  • Direct Sales Fulfillment


A deep well of committed reviewers who are eager to read new releases. Another great places to load ARC copies of your upcoming release and have committed reviewers sign up to read and review. There are mixed feelings from authors about this site as some of the reviewers can leave back feedback, but there are a lot of people that use this site because they like the easy access to upcoming new releases.

Main Features:

  • Access to a vast reviewer community
  • Automatic Review Copy distribution
  • Automatic Review Reminders
  • Audiobook Review Campaigns

Story Origin

Organize and join in on Newsletter Swaps or marketing events. A site very similar to BookFunnel where you can load copies of your book to participate in newsletter swaps with authors in the same genre. What I love the most about this site is you can see the authors’ distribution list size and open rates before you commit to joining in on anything with them.

Main Features:

  • Review Copies
  • Beta Copies
  • Reader Magnets
  • Audio Promo Codes
  • Universal Retail Links
  • Direct Downloads
  • Newsletter Swaps
  • Group Promos
  • Built-in Calendar
  • Campaign Note Keeping
  • Word Count Tracking

Comment or email me at to discuss which option best fits your needs!

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