St. Paddy’s Day Short Story – Part I

An Old Friend Calls in a Favor Sean was on his way home from school and ready to watch his favorite TV show. School was his least favorite place to be, but lately it had gotten even worse for him. He barely had any friends and most of the kids ignored him in a way... Continue Reading →

The Christmas Cadeau by K.D. Elizabeth

★★★★★ Photo by Nicole Michalou on For me, the holidays have always been about spending time with family and those important moments where we reconnect and remember why we all love each other so much. Sitting around together eating a meal, sharing and opening thoughtful gifts for one another, and just sharing in the... Continue Reading →

Short Story – Holiday Thriller

The wind was blowing hard outide the window as she stared into the blanketing darkness. Her kids were nestled in their beds upstairs and her thoughts could willingly drift to the loneliness of the holiday season. Her husband had disappeared a year ago during a business trip to LA. His things had all been left... Continue Reading →

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