Book Review: What Was Meant To Be by Q.B. Tyler

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Rating: 5 out of 5.


Q.B. Tyler came onto my radar two years ago with Love, Unexpected. She showed me that there were authors out there for me that could write about taboo subjects and do so with a level of compassion and professionalism that I came to admire. I hadn’t seen much from her through 2022, however her life dramatically changed last year when she lost her fiance.

When I saw the announcement for the release of What Was Meant To Be I preordered it and waited patiently for it’s arrival. I was not disappointed at all with her treatment of another beautiful taboo story about a young woman and her father’s best friend.

Whitney and Jacob have grown up knowing each other as part of the same family, essentially. Jacob, also known as JP, is the best friend of Whitney’s father and also Whitney’s God father. However as she gets older and starts to realize what she wants, Jacob is in her sights. Without giving away too many details this book will cover the initial two year relationship they had (in secret) and the break-up that nearly killed them both. But even more time has passed and Whitney finally forced herself to move on from Jacob and is engaged.

“Yes, Mason. I am insane. I let the woman I love slip right through my fingers. I want her back and I want her back now.”

What Was Meant To Be, Q.B. Tyler

This is really where the majority of the book picks up and stays focused. Jacob hears about Whitney’s engagement and returns to win her back, acknowledging that she’s the MOST important thing to him and they need each other. But they will face a lot of hurdles

  1. Whitney is ENGAGED
  2. They have to reveal their relationship and past to everyone
  3. Whether or not they can overcome their past

This book was absolutely stunning in it’s ability to portray such a difficult situation and all the emotions from every angle that really held me in. There are a few scenes that were physically painful to read. Watching a family experience sorrow and betrayal had my stomach clenching in angst as if I was the one there experiencing it.

“The love has changed and morphed into different kinds of love but you’ve always been here from the second you entered the world.”

What Was Meant To Be, Q.B. Tyler

On top of all the emotions this book is filled with, I also adored the one-on-one time with Whitney and Jacob. They are amazing together in ways that I was hoping for, but never expected to see. They compliment each other perfectly and their love is timeless.



From the author of Love Unexpected comes an all new age-gap forbidden romance.

Three years ago, Jacob Price walked away.
After a whirlwind steamy affair, my father’s best friend broke my heart.
He told me things were too complicated. Messy. Wrong.
That we could never be together.
I knew he loved me but the fear of ruining our family was too great.
With too much at stake, he sacrificed our hearts and ended it.

Now, he’s back and he still wants me.
He still loves me.

But now, I’m engaged to another man.


Q.B. Tyler

Bestselling author and lover of forbidden romances, tacos, coffee, and wine. Q.B. Tyler gives readers sometimes angsty, sometimes emotional but always deliciously steamy romances featuring sassy heroines and the heroes that worship them. She’s known for writing forbidden (and sometimes taboo) romances, so if that’s your thing, you’ve come to the right place. When she’s not writing, you can usually find her on Instagram (definitely procrastinating), shopping or at brunch.

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