Book Review: The Dream Heist by Christina Farley

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Rating: 5 out of 5.


This was a new author to me and it was quite an adventurous story. It’s got vibes of Inception (one of my favorite movies) and also a big mystery element to it. The main characters work at this DreamScape Institute called MaxLife where they do dream studies in an attempt to learn how to build back memories for dementia patients.

But as the story goes on, there’s a heist, a chase and a whole lot of mystery around some stolen money and missing people. I enjoyed this one a lot! At times it felt like the story moved really fast and I was worried that I was going to get lost, but then it would feel like you had no idea where things were going. You had to keep up with everyone and everything moving in this story.

Another element of this one that was done very well was the descriptions and experiences within people’s dreams. For those that are familiar with dreaming, there is very little real-ness to a dream. I believe Farley did a really good job describing these kinds of places. Those were the scenes I enjoyed the most!

🌸 Swoony romance elements
🌸 Cat and mouse chase across the world
🌸 Dream walking and study
🌸 Multi-cultural highlights
🌸 Healthy relationships amongst friends
🌸 No cliff hangers (but a second book coming!)

A great read to kick off to 2023 and I cannot wait for more to come from this author.



Your dreams are no longer safe…

Eighteen-year-old Aria Hale loves her job at her father’s dream therapy company where she enters dementia patients’ dreams to save their memories. But when their lab is ransacked, two technicians are murdered, and her father is kidnapped, everything changes for her.

Determined to find her father, Aria and her friends embark on a harrowing hunt across continents using the dreams of their enemies to guide them. But this dangerous journey plunges her into a world she never bargained for: deception, intrigue, and even love. As she races to save her father and hunt down her enemies, she soon realizes she’s in fact the one being hunted. And her dreams are the greatest danger of all.

In the vein of Inception meets The Bourne Identity, THE DREAM HEIST propels readers into fast-paced adventure that will have you racing to the very end.


CHRISTINA FARLEY is the author of the bestselling Gilded series, THE PRINCESS AND THE PAGE, and THE DREAM HEIST. Prior to that, she worked as an international teacher and at a top secret job for Disney where she was known to scatter pixie dust before the sun rose. When not traveling the world or creating imaginary ones, she spends time with her family in Clermont, Florida with her husband and two sons where they are busy preparing for the next World Cup, baking cheesecakes, and raising a pet dragon that’s in disguise as a cockatiel. Visit her online at


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