Reading and Mood Tracker plus FREE Bookish Coloring Pages

Reading sets you free and your reading journey is always your own.

However, sometimes I feel like I lose track of myself as I’m going along reading. This year is a year of making more of a conscious effort to be aware of how my moods are being impacted by what I’m reading.

I created this Reading & Mood Tracker because I love how it blends my journaling, mood tracking and reading all in one! It really helps me to stay aware of how my mood changes and what I prefer reading that might make me feel better if I’m having a hard time. Or conversely, did something I was reading change my mood and reduce that comfort zone I like so much.

Filled with directions and recommendations on how to use it as well as a tracking page, notes and a free coloring page at the end!

You can download the READING & MOOD TRACKER for FREE using the DOWNLOAD button below! If you’d prefer, you can use this CANVA TEMPLATE to create your own version of the tracker.

Reading & Mood Tracker Pages Included in Download

Bookish Coloring Pages

I’ve also got some fun and relaxing bookish coloring pages you can download and enjoy right now!

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