Book Review: Irresistibly Perfect by J. Saman

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Rating: 5 out of 5.


I can’t even get my head around how emotional this one was. Grey and Fallon have been friends since they were teenagers – living right next door to one another – and they both fell in love with one another. But with how different their families were, they both believed it would be impossible for them to ever be together and their families made sure to remind them of this. So they both hid their feelings for years. Staying friends and stealing time together keeping it a secret.

But then Fallon walks away from him and his world falls apart. When she reappears and is engaged to the most pompous of men, Grey knows his chances are finally over. His heartache and pain is palpable in this one as his love for Fallon is a deeply conscious feeling for him and he feels every bit of this pain. Fallon hasn’t quite realized her feelings yet, but this engagement doesn’t turn into what she thought it would be.

She’s forever the girl that wants to please her family and do all the things that are expected of her, but she finally reaches a breaking point that changes everything!! I could read this book over and over and not tire of this one – AMAZING characters and a story that hits HARD in all the emotional ways you want in a romance.

🌸Friends to Lovers
🌸Rockstar Romance
🌸Best Friend’s Little Sister



From USA Today bestselling author J. Saman comes a steamy brother’s best friend, friends-to-lovers, forced proximity romance about a hot rock star and the irresistible woman he’s always wanted but could never have.

When I was fourteen, I fell in love with the girl next door.

My best friend’s sister was off-limits to me in every way.

I was the bad boy, and she was the good girl. I was the kid with big rock star dreams, and she was the princess with her entire life planned out for her.

We were impossible from the start. Even when she’d randomly show up at my concerts and we’d spend a night or two lost in each other it would always end in goodbye.

Years later she’s back in our city.

Only now, she’s engaged to the last guy I’d ever want to see her with. So I do something crazy. I never expect to hear from her again until one night she takes me by surprise.

A drunken phone call and suddenly I’m racing through the airport to catch her plane before she takes off for Europe.

Now I’ve got one week to change both our lives.

My plan? Make her fall in love with me as we get lost in Italy and France. Her plan? Discover the woman she wants to be instead of the perfect one she’s always had to be.

I’d love to tell you that from here on out it’s all love and sex, but nothing has ever been easy for us, and this is no exception.

Fallon Lark has always been mine. Now I just have to prove it to her…


J. Saman is a USA Today and Amazon top 40 bestselling author who writes sassy, swoony, and scorching contemporary romances. She is addicted to Diet Coke, sour candy, and indie rock. She swears way too much (especially after a glass of wine) and has a penchant for sarcasm (or so her husband and children like to tell her).

J. is an admitted lover of second chance romances, enemies to lovers, and the perfect amount of angst. She is best known for writing funny and emotional romances filled with smart, strong women, and sexy alphas who have a softer side – especially for their women.

Want to learn more about J. Saman? You can check out her website

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