5 Reasons Why I Love Paranormal Romance Novels

Over the last few months, I’ve found a love for paranormal romance. A friend of mine recommended a book series to me that opened my eyes to an entire genre that I had never given much attention to before. For whatever reason I had avoided it because I had a misconception about it and was lead to believe it would be to hoax-y for me. But boy was I wrong!

It all started with JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series and has blossomed into being the genre that I feel the closest bond to. I’ve always been a little flaky on that subject. When people would ask me

“What’s your favorite genre to read?”

I would rattle off three or four because there was never just one that I felt identified me as a reader.

“Umm… historical fiction, fantasy, thriller and romance.”

But after delving into over 6 or 7 different paranormal romance books the last two months, I think I can officially say that this is the one. It has all the elements I want in a book:

  • Amazing Sex
    • I always enjoyed romance novels because of the sex scenes. Don’t get me wrong, it’s what draws all of us in. But in paranormal romance, you get much more intense and diversified sex scenes. Not just your standard romantic missionary love-making. But your hot and primal scratching each other, biting, etc.
  • Character Development
    • All good novels should consist of some form of character development. But usually in the paranormal series, you find this development across characters, across a series, through the long-term interactions that are built within these long and varied stories. Not just a one-book version of “girl overcomes her fears” type of development. This includes a much more deeply developed variation of character development.
  • Multiple Books
    • Most of the genre consists of series sets that are anywhere from 4-20+ books. Meaning that you get to learn about an entire universe or world of characters within the boundaries of that particular series. So if you’re reading a vampire or shape shifter series, or even a combination of that, you get an entire set of various character stories built within that world to enjoy for that much longer. This can make it hard to choose a series to go with, but once you find a sub genre or type of world you enjoy reading about, you can focus in on series within that area.
  • World Building
    • As I’ve mentioned in some of the earlier points, paranormal romance novels tend to have their own unique worlds that you are reading about. Families, friends or connected characters all live within this world and you get to learn about each of them through out the series. This helps me to feel like I’m truly within their world , while enjoying learning about each and every one of them.
  • Powers or Abilities
    • There are so many kinds of sub genres within the paranormal romance spectrum. Ranging from werewolves, shape shifters, vampires, aliens, angels, guardians, and so on. Then within that, they all have their own unique kind of abilities whether it’s telekinesis, bending light, elemental power control, etc. The powers and abilities are endless which really bring a unique aspect to these novels that combines with the romance piece VERY well!

There are just so many great things about paranormal romances that I’m not sure I’m covering them all, but this is my initial feel about the genre in general.

Tell me your thoughts on paranormal romances or what some of your favorites are in the comments below!

5 Reasons Why I Love Paranormal Romance Novels

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2 responses to “5 Reasons Why I Love Paranormal Romance Novels”

  1. GORL- I loved that series too! It’s what got me into the genre, and I still haven’t found anything that lives up to that! Please let me know if you do. (I also liked the Preternaturals Series by Zoe Winters. There are 6 of those.)

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